Thursday, January 06, 2011

When In Doubt--Doubt! Website Evaluation

When in doubt...doubt!
or...How to evaluate a website

Week 1:

1. Go to this website: The Planets

2. As a group, we will fill out our evaluation worksheet.

3. Now go to this website: Solar System Exploration

Week 2:
1. With your partner fill out an evaluation worksheet for two websites. You only need to fill out one worksheet for each site. Pick one each from the following groups:

Group 1:   3, 4, 6, 8, 11                            
Group 2:   2, 5, 7, 9, 10

#2: Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
#3: Sharks and their Relatives
#4: Tornadoes
#5: Dog Island
#6: Ancient Egypt
#7: Save the Guinea Worm
#8: Earthquakes
#9: Facts about Mars
#10: AFDB
#11: Global Warming


blong said...

Hi, Janet.
This is fantastic! I'd love to use it with my 5th graders next week. Is there any chance you might be willing to share your evaluation worksheet? I would be very appreciative.
Betsy Long, LMS
Lugoff, SC

Randye said...

I, too, love this activity. I've been using a similar one for years but am ready to change things up. Would you share your Evaluation Worksheet?
Randye Polk, RRMS Media Specialist

Holly said...

I am a new media specialist and am so excited my mentor told me about your blog. Would you be willing to share your evaluation worksheet or put it on teachers pay teachers to purchase?
Thank you!
Holly Caputi
Tiger Creek Elementary School