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Holiday Internet Scavenger Hunt--5th Grade


 Holiday Internet Scavenger Hunt--5th Grade

1. How did the Druids use mistletoe?

2. Holly trees and holly bushes  are native to North America.
List three reasons to plant native plants in your yard, at your school or in a local park. 

3. The name Kwanzaa comes from what language? 


4.  Which state in the United States produces the most poinsettias

5. What is a dreidel

6.  Describe the Christmas Truce.

7. Name three ingredients used to make latkes. (Google hint:  Search for latke recipe or latke ingredients)

8.  (there is no #8!!)

9.  What does the Grinch have in his smile?

10.  Suppose you wanted to write a poem about a holiday in December.
How many  words rhyme with the word "holiday"?
Go to http://www.rhymezone.com/
Enter holiday in the blank box.

Thanks to Cindy O'Hara for the hunt questions.

holly berries and leaves in a line

Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Internet Scavenger Hunt--6th grade

Use the links below to answer the questions on your Christmas Internet Scavenger Hunt:

1.  There is no #1........go on to #2.

2.  From what part of the country did the Christmas song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" come?
Internet Resource: Christmas in the USA 

3. Why do Christmas trees have to be imported into Greenland?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Greenland 

4. What holiday is celebrated the day after Christmas in Ireland?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ireland 

5. Why is cotton used to decorate Christmas trees in Argentina?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Argentina 

6. What animals help Santa get around in Australia? (Hint:  They're not reindeer!)
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Australia

7. What famous Christmas song was written in Austria?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Austria

8. What do children often do at Christmas Eve church services in Ghana?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ghana 

9. When is the tradition of Réveillon in France celebrated?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in France 

10. What kidn of food do Hungarians traditionally eat on Christmas Eve?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Hungary 

11. What game is popular at Posada parties in Mexico during the holiday season?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Mexico

13. Who brings gifts to Ukrainian children at Christmas, and who is his helper?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Ukraine

14. What instrument is often used to accompany carolers in Wales?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Wales 

15. What do people do in Spain after the Christmas Eve midnight mass?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in Spain

16. What is the shape of the popular buche de Noel cake made in France at Christmas time?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in France

17. What are the most popular Christmas tree decorations in China?
Internet Resource:  Christmas in China

18. In Austria, a bell is rung after Christmas Eve dinner to signal the opening of a locked door.  What are children permitted to see for the first time behind the locked door?
Internet Resource:  Austria Holiday Traditions

19. What does The Grinch have in his smile?
Internet Resource:  Lyrics to Mr. Grinch

20. Which President celebrated Christmas around the first indoor White House Christmas Tree?
Internet Resource:  The White House Historical Association

(thanks to Misskayscomputer.com for the links and most of the questions)

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Fourth Grade--ABC's of Website Evaluation

Welcome, 4th Graders!  Your assignment today is to go to a website and evaluate it using our ABC's.


A=Author  Who created the site?  Are they an expert?

B=Bias    Is it trying to sell you something?  Is it the opinion of the author?

C=Credibility + Currency  Can you verify the information by looking in our print encyclopedias
or on another site like World Book Online?

What is the copyright date?

Let's look at two websites on the planets and evaluate which one is more reliable:

Go to this website and fill out your evaluation sheet:


Thursday, January 06, 2011

When In Doubt--Doubt! Website Evaluation

When in doubt...doubt!
or...How to evaluate a website

Week 1:

1. Go to this website: The Planets

2. As a group, we will fill out our evaluation worksheet.

3. Now go to this website: Solar System Exploration

Week 2:
1. With your partner fill out an evaluation worksheet for two websites. You only need to fill out one worksheet for each site. Pick one each from the following groups:

Group 1:   3, 4, 6, 8, 11                            
Group 2:   2, 5, 7, 9, 10

#2: Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
#3: Sharks and their Relatives
#4: Tornadoes
#5: Dog Island
#6: Ancient Egypt
#7: Save the Guinea Worm
#8: Earthquakes
#9: Facts about Mars
#10: AFDB
#11: Global Warming