Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Internet Scavenger Hunt--5th Grade


 Holiday Internet Scavenger Hunt--5th Grade

1. How did the Druids use mistletoe?

2. Holly trees and holly bushes  are native to North America.
List three reasons to plant native plants in your yard, at your school or in a local park. 

3. The name Kwanzaa comes from what language? 


4.  Which state in the United States produces the most poinsettias

5. What is a dreidel

6.  Describe the Christmas Truce.

7. Name three ingredients used to make latkes. (Google hint:  Search for latke recipe or latke ingredients)

8.  (there is no #8!!)

9.  What does the Grinch have in his smile?

10.  Suppose you wanted to write a poem about a holiday in December.
How many  words rhyme with the word "holiday"?
Go to http://www.rhymezone.com/
Enter holiday in the blank box.

Thanks to Cindy O'Hara for the hunt questions.

holly berries and leaves in a line

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